21.1.8 Network Client Installation

The main Application installation is generally referred to as the primary installation to distinguish it from the network client installation which is a small MSI file automatically created for most primary installations and delivered by the primary installation. A network client installation will only install shortcuts to the primary installation on a file server from where it must be executed.

The primary installation must include an ODBC database connection and not include web support, otherwise the network client will not install.

To install a client application in a corporate environment, you must first install the primary application on a file server. Then provide a shortcut to the network client installation MSI file to users with access to that file server. For example:
\\SRV1\Programs\ Lansa Pty Ltd\Personnel System\X_Win95\X_Lansa\Execute\D20A_Client_En-us.msi

This introductory dialog, which also displays progress information, is the only dialog presented for a network client install. No configuration options are required as the client uses the primary installation as the target for any shortcuts created. These shortcuts must be defined by the primary installations definition.