Procedure to follow when Upgrading the Amazon Machine Image

This procedure is required when you need to use a more recent Amazon Machine Image (AMI) than the one currently being used by your LANSA stack. For example, you may be using the AMI 13.2 EPC132900 and you need to upgrade to AMI 13.2 EPC132901 in order to support the installation of an MSI produced by LANSA 14 SP1.

The original URL you used to instantiate the LANSA stack has been updated by LANSA. So you need to update your LANSA stack using this same URL. Purely specifying the same URL and taking the defaults for all the other questions is sufficient. This will change the Launch Configuration to use the new AMI.

Once the template has completed the update, check that the 2 Auto Scaling Groups are using the 2 new Launch Configurations which have been created. There may be a delay of a minute or so before the new Launch Configurations are visible.

Now you need to terminate all the Web Server instances so that they restart using the new AMI. Terminate just the DB Web Server instance first. 10 minutes later you may terminate the other web server instances, but it is best not to terminate more than 5 every 10 minutes otherwise the contention created for the database may delay the creation of the new instances substantially.

Once all the Web Server instances are reported as InService by the Load Balancer you may run your system tests before releasing into production.

The LANSA Stack is now ready to install, say, an MSI produced by LANSA 14 SP1.