1.2.2 What is a Version?

A Version is a full install of the software product. A Version belongs to an Application.

A Version is identified by its Version Number. The Version Numbering is arbitrary but subsequent version numbers must be greater than previous ones. For example, 1.0.0 then 1.0.1 then 1.3.0 then 1.3.3 and so on. Notice that numbers can be skipped but the sequence must be increasing.

A suggested way to use your Version numbering is:

             <major release>.<minor release>.<build number>

A Version may include:

Whatever your software product requires to execute and run correctly must be included in the Version.

If the Version includes the setting Deploy to Development System, no MSI file is produced. The internal object definitions must be imported from the internal files. Refer to LANSA Import for further information.