3.8 Cloud Deployment

The MSI and MSP files produced by the Deployment Tool may be deployed into Cloud environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. These environments are designed to be easily deployable and scalable.

LANSA provides a virtual machine image, templates and scripts for deploying a LANSA application into AWS. Tools for deploying to other Cloud providers will be supplied in the future. If you wish to deploy to a Cloud provider not mentioned here, contact LANSA Support for the status of that provider.

The Cloud Tutorials described later in this document are a good place to start if you are considering deploying your LANSA application into the Cloud. Cloud terminology is introduced and you are led through the simple nature of Cloud deployment. The same tutorial may be used as the procedure for deploying your production system. Additional customizations are described in the Cloud Customizations section.

The LANSA virtual machine image contains a scalable license. This is charged for by the hour and constitutes the licensing costs of running LANSA. It contains all LANSA licenses. The fees are collected by AWS as part of the AWS monthly bill and forwarded to LANSA. This scalable license is the only mechanism available for automatically scaling LANSA.

Existing license types may be used in the Cloud, but each virtual machine is licensed individually and hence it is not as robust or as practical as using a Scalable License.