8.2.5 Table Upgrade Processing

Use the option Upgrade Processing option to override the default mechanism used to upgrade tables (the Universal Table Upgrade option). This option should be used with care and only if you fully understand the selected option.

The following processing options are available:

Table Upgrade option


Universal Table Upgrade

This is the default action and is recommended for most Applications.

Alter Table Upgrade

When possible, table processing will use ALTER TABLE processing to improve performance related to file upgrades.

User Exit Table Upgrade

A script, provided, maintained and verified by you must be supplied in the appropriate sub-directory (based on database type) of \x_apps\<application>\x_pkgwrk\<package>\scripts.  When installing the package this script will be used to replace any LANSA processing of the nominated tables.

The script file must be named <filename>.sql

You are responsible for providing the script and any issues which arise from using the script.