CTE040 – Create the LANSA Stack


In this exercise you will use the AMI that you authorised in exercise CTE015 to instantiate a LANSA Stack.

To achieve this objective, you must complete the following:

Step 1. Select Template

Step 2. Specify Details

Step 3. Options & Review

Step 4. Test the Stack


Before You Begin

You must have completed the following exercises:

CTE015 – Subscribe to the LANSA Image (if you are not already permitted to use the LANSA Image)

CTE030 – Upload your LANSA WAM Application (if you want to deploy your own application. The demonstration does not require this step)

Note: Use of SQL Server Enterprise Edition requires a modification to the template because it does not allow Multi-AZ. Download a copy of it and remove the MultiAZ element from the DBInstance element. Also note that you must specify at least 200 GB of DBAllocatedStorage, and use a DBInstanceClass of at least db.r3.2xlarge. There are a limited set of Regions which support SQL Server Enterprise Edition. See AWS documentation for an up-to-date listing.