Step 2. Specify Details

1.  Scroll down the list of parameters to the Lansa MSI URL parameter and change the end of the URL from 'Test/AWAMAPP_v14.1.1_en-us.msi' to 'Test/AWAMAPP_v14.1.2_en-us.msi'

2.  Increment the TriggerIcingUpdate parameter from 1 to 2.

3.  Scroll down to the bottom of the dialog and click Next.

4.  On the Options dialog click Next

5.  On the Review dialog, check the 3 password parameters display ellipsis and the LansaMSI  TriggerIcingUpdate parameters are the values you expect.

6.  Scroll to the end of the Review dialog and acknowledge the capabilities, then click Update:

7.  The list of stacks is displayed and the stack you updated will have a status of UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS. Within a short time the stack will show UPDATE_COMPLETE. The LANSA Upgrade itself has not completed, just the application of the change to the template.