Azure – How to Deploy A WAM Application

Note: This section is under development and may change.

This section contains exercises that demonstrate how to deploy a WAM application into Azure. If all you need to do is provision a demonstration of a LANSA Stack, then essentially it's just a few clicks and then wait in the region of 45 minutes for all the parts of the stack to be provisioned.

If you wish to deploy your own application (there is a sample application provided for use with these exercises), then the application must be uploaded first and more care will need to be taken over the database server type, the size of the virtual machine instances, the number of instances and security settings.

The exercises to be performed to complete this objective are:

ATE015 – Subscribe to the LANSA Scalable License Image

ATE030 – Upload your LANSA WAM Application

ATE040 – Deploy the LANSA MSI using an Azure Resource Manager Template