11. Developer Operations

Developer Operations (DevOps) is the part of the development cycle related to building and deploying application artifact changes from a build machine to a test system and thence to production.

LANSA has implemented the part of the DevOps cycle that takes a built object and deploys it into a fully working test or production system. This has been implemented as the simple action 'Deploy' on a Repository List.

This feature leverages the LANSA Deployment Tool technology for packaging table and Web Page changes and installing them on a target system. The transport mechanism used is a git repository.

The diagram below shows the use of git for deploying from the IDE to the target system. All the repositories are git clones. The IDE Deploy action first packages up the tables and web pages using the Deployment Tool. The current changes are then committed to git and pushed to GitHub. All those tasks are performed by the Deploy action.

GitHub then fires off a web hook on the target system's Git Deploy Hub (Hub). The Hub pulls down the changes from GitHub, checks out the current branch and then runs the Package Install to deploy the tables and web pages. All the other LANSA object types like server modules and reusable parts are handled by git alone as simple file changes.

Only 64-bit Windows environments are supported.

Note that the git repository used here is for distributing the executable artifacts, not the source code. Git is used here as a highly efficient transport mechanism. Git also has a very high market share. There are few, if any, Windows developers who have not used a git repository, even if it's only on GitHub. The source code would be kept in a different repository. They are completely separate and indeed the source code repository could be in an entirely different type of VCS.

Only the very latest Web technology is supported. WAMs and older technologies are not supported, though older technologies may be configured to work. If you wish to use older technologies you will need to enter into a beta agreement with LANSA. Please contact LANSA Support for more details.