Create an MSI of your Application to Seed the Target System

The deployment is driven by the identifier of the Repository List you will use. The identifier is used to create a Deployment Tool Application which must be 8 characters or less. If the Repository List identifier is longer it will be truncated at 8 characters.

Note: If you are deploying a shipped example, make sure you re-compile it before building the MSI so that the latest JavaScript runtime is used by the web pages.

1.  Create a Repository List of your application, including all the tables that the application uses. Make sure you explicitly enter the list identifier. In this example "SHOPPING" was specified. It's allowed to be up to 9 characters long, but we will only use the first 8, so keep it to 8 to avoid confusion:

2.  Take the first 8 characters of this identifier (I.e. SHOPPING in this example) and create a Deployment Tool Application Package using the template XVLWAPP. Any version number may be used and we recommend it to be 1.0.0. Add your Repository List to the Package. Go to the tables and choose to include data on the appropriate tables.

3.  Set up the default Data Source Name (DBII) and Database Name (DBAS) using the Application Package Name in both cases. In this example "SHOPPING" was used for both values.

4.  Choose to install the GitDeployHub.

5.  Build the Package and copy the MSI to the target system.