11.7.3 Before you Start non-AWS

1.  The PC on which you will install the Visual LANSA IDE already has SSH security setup to access the github repository that you will be using for the automated deployment.

2.  The Target system is accessible from GitHub or whatever central repo you are using. You will need ports 80 and 8101 open incoming. (Note that port 8101 does not need to be opened when using a GitLab Runner). Make sure both the network firewall and the Windows operating system firewall are both configured to open port 8101. This is often easiest if you create your Target system in a Cloud environment like AWS or Microsoft Azure.

The GitHub web hook server address list may be obtained from this url:

Refer to the 'hooks' section of the returned JSON. At the time of writing the list of server CIDR addresses was:, and

3.  You will need port 22 outgoing open on both the Build Machine and Target System to allow access to the git central repository.

4.  If you use the LANSA Scalable License image for your Target system, you may activate the licenses by performing the following actions in a PowerShell administrator session:

$ cd c:\lansa\scripts

$ git pull

(gets the latest updates)

$activate-scalable-license.ps1 -webuser '<your web user>'

e.g. c:\lansa\scripts\activate-scalable-license.ps1 -webuser 'PCXUSER'

When the license activation succeeds you will see these messages displayed:

User PCXUSER given access to license LANSA Scalable License

User PCXUSER given access to license LANSA Integrator License

License activation completed successfully

5.  Restart Listener service and JSM service.
Check that the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Lansa\Integrator\JSMInstance\system\license.txt contains this:
fDevelopmentLicense=0, fIntegratorLicense=1