11.2 Setup for Premium Customers Deploying to Test and Production Systems

To set up your Visual LANSA system to deploy to test and production systems you will need to contact LANSA Sales. They will provide you with authentication details to set up a Visual LANSA build machine to deploy to the Cloud. Configure the Visual LANSA license you have been supplied and then run the Visual LANSA install and choose to repair your configuration. It will detect that you are upgrading from an Evaluation and ask for authentication details to set up the Cloud environment deployment.

Once the Visual LANSA installation has finished you will be ready to deploy your application changes and table changes to the LANSA-supplied Cloud environment.

Presumed Knowledge

For Premium customers, there is no knowledge of Git or GitHub required though these technologies are used under the covers. To fully understand the architecture, you will need to have used Git and GitHub and be comfortable with the Windows command line. It is also preferable that you have used Git Extensions previously.