11.3 Setup for Test & Production Systems (Target is a LANSA Stack in AWS)

This setup is when you will be deploying your application into your own test and production systems hosted in the AWS Cloud. This feature is intended to deploy from a Build Machine, not from a Developer's work environment. Deployment to Test, and especially to Production, should be a controlled act from a specific machine that is solely used for build and deployment.

We strongly recommend that you employ LANSA Services to assist with this setup.

Also see 11.4 Setup for Test & Production Systems GitHub (single Target instance) and 11.5 Setup for Test & Production Systems GitLab (single Target instance).

Only the very latest Web technology is supported. WAMs and older technologies are not supported, though older technologies may be configured to work. If you wish to use older technologies you will need to enter into a beta agreement with LANSA. Please contact LANSA Support for more details.

Presumed Knowledge

First some set up is required. It requires manual configuration. As such you require some skills in using Git, GitHub, and the Windows command line to configure it correctly. If you are an existing GitHub user it should not be difficult for you to do this successfully. You will also need AWS Cloud knowledge to set up and support your LANSA Application Stack. It is also preferable that you have used Git Extensions previously.


You will need to create the central git repository and install and set up the target system. This is done on a one to one basis. That is, each Build Machine has its own central git repository and target system. Thus environments are isolated from each other and, once configured, can use DevOps deployment at any time without conflicting with other deployed applications.

Summary of Steps

Here is a summary of the steps involved. Click on the links for more detail:

This is a summary of the steps involved: