10.3.1 Overview of Test and Production AWS Cloud Systems

DevOps deployment enables an application to be deployed to a target environment with a few clicks. It leverages the LANSA Deployment Tool technology for packaging table changes and web page changes and installing them on a target system. The transport mechanism used is a git repository.

The Visual LANSA IDE, the central git repository and the target system require manual configuration to link them all together. You will need to create the central git repository and install and set up the target system as a LANSA Application Stack. Each Build Machine has its own central git repository and its own Application in the LANSA Application Stack This is done on a one to one basis. Thus, environments are isolated from each other and, once configured, can use DevOps deployment at any time without conflicting with other deployed applications.

The target system may be set up to use any partition. There are no other dependencies as everything is deployed from the IDE environment, including the runtime.

It is expected that these systems will be set up by a person with the 10.1.1 Presumed Knowledge. These are technical people who will understand these instructions.