11.7.8 Choose the SSH Key for private repositories

1.  Choose the SSH Key for private repositories
The target system only requires read access to the central git repository. A key is only required if your central git repository is private. If it's a public GitHub repository this is not required.

The template provides a parameter to specify a secure location in S3 to download the SSH key from.

1.  You may use a pre-existing SSH key that your organisation uses for read access to private repositories. Do not use an SSH key which has modification permissions to any git repository anywhere. Make sure the name of the file is changed to id_rsa.

2.  Or, generate the SSH Key
  Git is installed with a utility to generate SSH keys. You will find it in this directory:

For example, using the default install location:
"c:\program files\git\usr\bin\ssh-keygen.exe"

Create the key in the default location with the default file name, so just press Enter for each prompt.

Two files will be created:

3.  Upload the SSH private key to the secure S3 Bucket
Upload the file c:\users\<username>\.ssh\id_rsa to the Secure S3 Bucket created above and take a copy of its url.