11.7.15 Install the GitLab Runner on the Target system

Now you need to download and configure the GitLab Runner.

Here is the official documentation. Follow all the steps in the Installation section of:

Install GitLab Runner on Windows including the link 4. Register the Runner.

Note: When registering the runner, use this command line:
.\gitlab-runner.exe register --non-interactive --url "https://gitlab.com" --registration-token "<your project token" --executor "shell" --shell "powershell" --tag-list "master,test-tag,prod-tag" --run-untagged

GitLab Settings

Now, if you go to your repository on GitLab, access "Settings > CI/CD" and expand the "Runners settings" you are able to see your runner already assigned to your project. If the green circle is not showing its probably because you haven't started the Runner on the Target System.

Beside the Specific Runners section, click on Disable shared Runners.

and then expand "Settings > CI/CD"  Variables and setup these variables:

GIT_STRATEGY = none ensures that the Runner does not perform any git operations itself. It leaves it up to the jobs to do that task. LANSA requires the git operations to be performed in its own directory structure with web sites, etc, correctly configured

LANSA_APPL_NAME is the name of the application installed.

LANSA_ROOT_PATH is the directory where the application is installed.