About the Exercises

Objects created in these exercises use a prefix if II_ for object names, where II is replaced by the student's initials. If a unique set of initials are used both for new component names and for deployment Company and Application Name, then many students could use the same copy of Visual LANSA.

Build Machine

It is essential that your own deployments use a build machine. A build machine is a PC with a Visual LANSA installation which is dedicated to assembling and deploying applications. As well as ensuring that all the latest and required components have been moved to this machine, the build machine approach also ensures that Product Version and File Version and GUID (Global Unique Identifier) are all preserved and used for the next version or patch which needs to be deployed. See other sections of this guide for more information on the reasons for using a Windows build machine.

Deploying Your Own Client Server to an IBM i Server Application would Involve:

We have simplified things here by referring only to a production partition as the target for deployment. In practice, you would first deploy to a test partition, before deploying to the production partition.

Your Own Deployment to a Windows Server would Involve: