DTE020 – Create Version 1 Package


To deploy the client application to connect to the partition you are using for training on the IBM i server. For training purposes, if you are working in partition TRN you will build a package to install to partition TRN.

If you were developing in partition TRN and deploying to partition TST for example, then you would have promoted your application and files to partition TST in the LANSA Master system on the server. Your deployment PC would have partition TST setup in Visual LANSA and the client application would be checked out and compiled on the deployment PC. You would then build the install package (Version 1) to install the client software, usually to a shared file server. A Network Client install to the end user's desktop would then provide a shortcut to load and run the client application from the file server.

The target partition on the IBM i server must contain the following personnel system files:

     xEmployee - Employees File

     xDepartments - Department Table

     xEmployeeImages - Employee Images File

     xEmployeeNotes - Employee Notes File

On the IBM i, the demonstration files can be imported to the partition using Partition Initialize from the Administration Menu and selecting the save file WEBINIT - Mandatory for web development. The supplied files support RDMLX enabled applications.

To achieve this objective, you must complete:

Step 1. Add Routing Table to Application

Step 2. Define Version 1 Package

Step 3. Define Execution Parameters

Step 4. Review the Package Settings

Step 5. Build the Version 1 Package


Before You Begin

You must have completed the following exercises:

DTE010 – Set Up the Deployment Tool

DTE015 – Create Client Server Application