DTE030 – Modify the Employees Application

Complete this exercise if you are deploying a client server application or deploying a standalone Windows application. The changes to the Employee's Application are exactly the same, for both deployments.


To make a simple change to the Employees Application which will require a Patch to be created to update the deployed client application.

The field xEmployeeTitle will be added to the Edit component (copy of II_EDIT). This will also require a change to the Data and Store components.

To achieve these objectives, you must complete the following:

Step 1. Modify the Data Component (copy of II_DATA)

Step 2. Modify the Store component (copy of II_STORE)

Step 3. Add field xEmployeeTitle to the Editor (copy of II_EDIT)

Step 4. Re-test the Employees Application


Before You Begin

You must first complete these exercises:

DTE010 – Set Up the Deployment Tool

DTE015 – Create Client Server Application

DTE020 – Create Version 1 Package

DTE025 – Install Version 1 Package