DTE080 – Create a Client Install Package with JIT Support


To create an installation package for the client server Employees Application which was created in DTE015. The installed software will include settings to access the JIT Application Server. Each time the application is launched the JIT Server is checked for packages. For example, if a patch has not been installed on this PC, then the patch is applied before the application is launched.

To achieve this objective, you will complete:

Step 1. Define Version 1 Package

Step 2. Define X_RUN Arguments

Step 3. Define Required Execution Parameters

Step 4. Define the Just  in Time Parameters

Step 5. Review the Package Settings

Step 6. Add Routing Table to the Application

Step 7. Build the Install Package

Step 8. Copy Client Application Package to JIT Server


Before You Begin

You must have completed the following exercises:

DTE075 – Create a Just in Time Server Installation