DTE100 – Execute Client to Windows Server Application


To execute the client application connecting to the Windows Server Application defined and installed in DTE095 – Create a Windows Server Installation. This exercise simply explains things you should be aware of and the differences compared with execution against an IBM i server.

Before You Begin

This small exercise explains how to execute your client application against a Windows server installation

To create the Windows server installation, complete:

DTE095 – Create a Windows Server Installation

In DTE095, you will have created the client application explained in:

DTE010 – Set Up the Deployment Tool

DTE015 – Create Client Server Application

DTE020 – Create Version 1 Package. In this exercise, in Step 1. Add Routing Table to Application, you need to be aware you are specifying the routing entry to connect to your Windows Server application, which is actually installed on your PC. Your routing entry will need to be similar to:

The Connection Identifier must be the value used to define the listener for the server installation in DTE095 – Create a Windows Server Installation.

DTE025 – Install Version 1 Package. Stop after the last installation step at Step 2.9 and return to this exercise.