Step 3. Define an Application

1.  Click the New button on the toolbar to create an application.


2.  Complete the form as shown, using your initials and selecting your company:




II Personnel System


II Systems


3.  Click Create to save your application definition.

     The New Version dialog will be displayed.

4.  Note that the Version Number has been set to 1.0.0. You could change these values if required.

a.  Enter a Description: Version 1

b.  If you plan to complete Deploying Client Server Applications, select template XCLTBIF

c.  If you plan to complete Deploy a Stand Alone Application, select template XALONE

5.  Take a moment to review the available Templates, and how you can define your own in Deployment Templates in this guide.


6.  Click Create to continue. The Package Maintenance dialog will open:

7.  Close the Package Maintenance dialog and close the Deployment Tool. You will define this package in later steps.