Step 1. Import the Supplied Employees Application

1.  Download the relevant Deployment Tool Application exercises file from the link that you will find at the bottom of the tutorial front page. Look for this text:

The file contains an export of the Employees Application forms and reusable parts.

    Extract the contents of the zip file into an empty folder.

2.  In Visual LANSA select the Tools ribbon and click on the Import button. Locate the folder containing the export files, select file lxxdir.del and click Open. The Contents to import list should contain 2 forms and four reusable parts. Click Import which will populate your local repository with the following components:

     II_CONNECT – Connect to IBM i

     II_MAIN – Main Form

     II_BRWSR – Object Browser

     II_DATA – Data Object

     II_EDIT – Document Editor

     II_STORE – Data Store