Step 1. Add Routing Table to Application

A client server application requires a routing table which LANSA's communication software will use, in order to connect to the server.

1.  In the Deployment Tool main window, select the IIPERSON - II Personnel System application and click the LANSA Communications button on the toolbar.


2.  The LANSA Communications Administrator dialog opens:


     An empty routing table (lroute.dat) is created in the package work folder (….\X_PKGWRK). You need to add a routing entry suitable for the production server with which the installed application will connect.

3.  Click New and complete the following information to suit your IBM i server and the LANSA Listener for the LANSA system being used for training.

     Partner LU Name: <a descriptive name for this server connection>

     Fully Qualified Name of the Host: <the server name or IP Address>

     Connection Identifier: <the port number used by the LANSA IBM i Listener>

4.  Click OK to save the new entry.

5.  Close the Route Information dialog.