Step 3. Create Version 2 Package

This step creates Version 2 for the Personnel System application. A version package always deploys the complete application and replaces the existing installed application.

1.  Open the Deployment Tool. Expand the II Personnel System, select Version 1 and use the context menu to Create Next Version:


2.  Enter Version Number: 2.0.0 and a Description: Version 2 with Blue Theme.

     The Package Maintenance dialog will open.

3.  Open the Select repository objects dialog, select Forms and confirm that as per Version 1, the application objects are defined by the main form (copy of II_MAIN) and cross reference drill down, which includes the reusable parts (copies of II_EDIT, II_STORE, II_DATA and II_BRWSE and the form II_CONNECT).

4.  Click Save and then click OK to close the Package Maintenance dialog and Save the package.

5.  Select Version 2 and use the toolbar buttons to Check the Package and then Build the Package. Click No at the message box "Do you want to rebuild list of cross referenced objects". In this case this is unnecessary. But consider the situation where the enhancements made had included adding a new form or new reusable parts. In this case, it would be essential to regenerate the cross reference so that all objects are included.

6.  When the build is complete, check the build log, filtering for Completion messages. Scroll down to the copy DLLs step. Confirm that all your components have been included:


7.  Close the build log.

8.  In the Deployment Tool main window, select Version 2 for the Personnel System application. Click the Objects Included in the Package tool bar button.


     This form contains two tab sheets.

9.  Close the Objects included in the Package dialog.