Step 1. Define Version 1 Package

Note: Before completing this step, open the Visual LANSA settings dialog (File menu / Options) and check that the Compile settings, Product Version and File Version are set to If necessary, log in as Partition Security Officer and reset the Compile settings. Then recompile the client Personnel application forms and reusable parts. This will establish the correct start position, before completing the exercise which follows this one, DTE090 - Create a Patch for Client Personnel System with JIT.

1.  Create a new application in the Deployment Tool:

     Application     IICLTJIT

     Description     II Client Personnel System with JIT

     Company     II Systems

2.  Click Create and the New Version dialog will be displayed:

3.  Enter a Description of Version 1 and select the XCLTBIF template.

     The Package Maintenance dialog will open.

4.  Click the Wor2F4D Repository Objects button in the toolbar. In the Select repository objects dialog, expand Forms and select your main form (copy of II_MAIN). You can add it to the package by drag and drop, or by double clicking it.


     Note the tick shown beside the form. In DTE010 Step 2. Define Default Cross Reference Settings, you defined default cross reference settings for forms and reusable parts. This will automatically include all components used by this main form, and drill down to include their dependents.

5.  Click OK to close the dialog.