Step 6. Add Routing Table to the Application

The installed client application will need two routing entries for LANSA communications in order to connect to both the JIT Server and the IBM i Data/Application server.

1.  Select the application, and click the WorA22C  Communications Administrator on the toolbar.


     The default lroute.dat file in the package work folder (…\X_PKGWRK) is opened.

2.  Click New to define an entry for the JIT Server and then click New again to define an entry for the IBM i server.


3.  In the Host Route Information dialog define the JIT Server as follows:

Partner LU Name


Fully Qualified Name of the Host (Address)

If you have a local DNS, enter the name of your PC. Alternatively enter the IP Address for your PC.

Communications Method

Must be left as Sockets

Connection Identifier

This must be the port used for the JIT Server listener. The recommended value was 4547.


4.  Click OK to close the dialog.

5.  Click New to create an entry for your IBM i Data/Application server.

6.  Enter the following information for your IBM i Data/Application server:

Partner LU Name

<a descriptive name for this server connection>

Fully Qualified Name of the Host

<the IBM i server name or IP Address>

Connection Identifier

<the port number used by the LANSA system Listener>***


     *** You can look for this information in your Visual LANSA / Settings and Administration folder / LANSA Communications Administrator. Alternatively look at the Listener job log on the IBM i for the correct LANSA system.

7.  Close the Communications Administrator dialog.

8.  A message box will warn you to rebuild the package: