Step 7. Build the Install Package

1.  Check WorA3F3 the package with the toolbar button. There should be no errors reported.

2.  Build WorDFB2 the package with the toolbar button.

     A status bar is displayed showing progress.

     When the package build is complete, the Package Build log is displayed. With All messages selected, a summary is shown at the bottom of the log. Alternatively, you could filter for Completion or Fatal messages.


3.  There should be no fatal messages shown. If you look for warnings message you will find one which notifies that a unique GUID was generated.

     If there more other fatal or warning messages, you will need to examine the log more carefully. For example, you will have a fatal message if one of your components has not been compiled so that its DLL file could not be copied.

4.  Close the Package Build log. The package is now ready for distribution.

5.  The View All Objects in the Installation WorBE47 toolbar button displays all the objects included in the package:

     Note the Cross Reference Objects tab: it shows the objects included by cross referencing.