Step 1. Change Main Form (copy of II_MAIN)

1.  Open your main form (based on II_MAIN) in the Visual LANSA editor.

2.  Select the Source tab, then select the Go To tab, and expand the Routine group. Double click the
Evtroutine - #com_owner.Initialize

   This will position the editor to this routine.

3.  Change the Theme to 2007Graphite. Your code should look like the following:
#SYS_sAPPLN.Theme := 2007Graphite

4.  Compile and run the application. Check the change of appearance:


     Your simple change represents a developer changing a small part of an application.

     In a real application, you would now move the changed component(s) to the deployment PC.
On the deployment PC, the changed components need to be recompiled after the Compile option settings have been changed to the next File Version.

5.  This step requires Partition Security Officer authority. If necessary, close Visual LANSA and log in again with this profile. From the File menu, select Options to open the Settings dialog.


6.  Select the Compile settings and increment the File Version to as shown.

     Note: Exactly how Product Version and File Version are used is your decision. They are a requirement of the Windows Installer. To enable the Deployment Tool to work correctly when building a patch or a new version, you must increment one or both values.

     For example, one approach would be to increment the Product Version for a new version and increment the File Version for a Patch.

7.  Click Apply then OK to close the LANSA Settings dialog.

8.  Close Visual LANSA and log in again with your developer profile. Then recompile your main form.

9.  The new File Version value will be stored in the new DLL file for your copy of II_MAIN:

     Locate the DLL in the following path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\LANSA\X_WIN95\X_LANSA\x_TRN\execute

     where TRN is your partition.

10. Use the context menu (right click) to display the file Properties. Select the Details tab.


11. You'll see that the File Version is now