Step 2. Create a Patch for Client Personnel System with JIT Update

1.  Open the Deployment Tool, select the IICLTJIT application. Select Version 1 and use the context menu to select Create Patch:


2.  Enter a Description of Patch 1 Graphite Theme. Note that the Patch is numbered

     The Package Maintenance dialog will open:

     Note that most options and most settings are grayed out. Only the Selected objects and Special file processing can be modified in a patch. In this case, having changed only the main form (your copy of II_MAIN), there are no modifications required to the package.

3.  Save the package, Check it and then Build it. When the Rebuild Cross Reference? message box is shown, respond No, since none of the related components have changed.

     Note: If your changes involved the main form now using a new reusable part, you would need to rebuild the cross reference so the new component is included in the patch file (MSP).

     There should be no fatal messages. The Deployment Tool initially builds a new MSI file and compares it with the MSI for Version 1. It then builds an MSP file containing only the changes. In this case, the MSP file will contain only the changed main form (your copy of II_MAIN).

4.  Close the Package Maintenance dialog.

5.  This step is optional and is for information only. If you want to examine the contents of an MSI or MSP file, if you install a suitable zip utility such as 7-Zip, then you can display the contents of the file. For example: