Step 3. Update Application: Client Personnel with JIT Update

1.  In the Deployment Tool main dialog, select Patch 1 for the Client Personnel System with JIT Update application and click on the Go to folder toolbar button, to open Explorer in the application folder.


     Copy the patch file (e.g. IICLTJIT_V1.0.0.1_en-ms.MSP) to the appropriate JIT Server folder such as:
C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Apps\II Systems\II Just in Time Server\X_Win95\X_Lansa\X_Apps\dtcltjit

     You are now ready to run the application which will be automatically updated with Patch 1 before the application itself is launched.

2.  Run the Client Personnel Application with JIT Update.

3.  The Package Upgrade Facility will contact the JIT Server:


     Patch 1 will be applied:


     When the update completes, the application will be launched.

4.  The application will now use the 2007Graphite theme:


5.  In the Deployment Tool select Patch 1 for Client Personnel Application with JIT Update application and click the Distributed toolbar button to set the package status to Distributed. Package Maintenance can no longer open this package.