Step 5. Define the Database Settings

This step defines the database attributes which the server application will connect to and use.

These parameters provide further X_RUN parameters for use when any server application program executes.

1.  Notice that DBMS Type (DBUT), has defaulted correctly to MS SQL Server.

2.  Enter the following values:

Setup Database (SUDB)


Data Source Name


Database Server Name


Database Name



     ### This is the default name given to the SQL Server database server service. Note the leading full stop.

     *** depends on the name used to define the new SQL Server database.

     Select the Prompt during installation checkbox for each of these parameters so that they can be changed during installation if necessary. The MSI Installation Dialogs group must contain Display DBMS Dialog = Yes which is true for the template used to create this package.

3.  If the database is using Trusted Connections, then Database User and Password are not needed. The database connection will require a valid local Windows user id and password.