Step 1.  Run the Client to Windows Server Application

1.  Double click on the II Personnel System icon on your desktop. The application's main form immediately opens the SuperServer connect form:

2.  Enter your Windows user id and password.

3.  Enter the Partner LU Name for your Windows Server installation. You can use the Administrator button to run the Communications Administrator to check for the name you gave this connection.

4.  Select the Other option for Server Type.

5.  Select the Options tab and enter Database ID (DBID) as the Data Source Name you defined in the Database group when defining the package. This defines a System DSN entry in the ODBC configuration file. To check this, see your Visual LANSA Settings & Administration folder / 32-Bit ODBC Administrator.

6.  Click the Connect button. The main form should now load the browser panel on the left hand side, with all employees from the file xEmployee.

     The client server Conversion Tables are not used by the Windows DEFINE_SERVER Built In Function and will be ignored.