Deploy a Web Application

The following exercises show you how to deploy a web page application using the template XVLWAPP. In practice, you would deploy your web application to a Windows server. For training purposes, you will deploy to your PC.

These are the steps you will take to deploy a web page application (after you've created it), deploy it, amend it and then update the deployed application:

DTE120 - Create a Web Page Application

DTE125 - Define a Deployment Tool Application

DTE130 - Create Version 1 Package

DTE135 - Install Version 1 Web Application

DTE140 - Change Application, Create Patch and Install

LANSA has supported web development through three different solutions, upgrading the tools offered to reflect the changes to the technology available.
LANSA Web development tools began with web enabled functions, then came a component based solution with WAMs and now support for web page components. Each of these can be deployed using the Deployment Tool.