Step 1. Import the Web Application

1.  You will need to download the Deployment Tool Web Application from the link on the cover page of these tutorials. If you haven't already done so, download from here: Deploying a Web Application exercises.  Extract the contents of the zip file into an empty folder. The file contains an export of a web Employees Application, which consists of a web page component and six reusable part components.

2.  In Visual LANSA, select the Tools ribbon and click on the Import button. Locate the folder containing the web application export files and select the file lxxdir.del and click Open. The Contents to import list should contain a web page, six reusable parts and a server module component. Click Import which will populate your local repository with the following components:

Web Page

DT_Employees - main web page

Reusable Parts

DT_DataDepartment - department data object
DT_DataEmployee - employee data object
DT_DataEmployeeDocument - employee document object
DT_DataModel - data model object
DT_EmployeeEditor - employee editor
DT_Address - address panel in list of employees

Server Module

DT_DataServices - application server module

The Employee Editor (II_Employee_Editor) uses a shipped demo component, xDemoWebMessageBar.