Step 2. Copy the Supplied Web Application

1.  Before completing the rest of this step, make sure that your compile settings for Product Version and File Version are correct. Open LANSA Settings from the File menu / Options. Select Compile. Ensure that both Product Version and File Version are set to

     Copyright, File Version and Comment may contain any suitable text, or be left blank.

     Product and File Version numbers are built into Windows DLLs when compiled. For a web application, this applies to the server modules, which run on the application server system.

     Note: When a Patch is built, Product and File Version numbers for current DLL objects are compared with the original objects included in the install package, and changed objects are included in the patch.

2.  On the Repository tab, locate the new web page, reusable parts and server module. Use the context menu to Copy each one. Use your initials in place of DT to name each component. The copied components will be opened in the editor.

3.  For each component, except the server module and II_Address, select the Source tab and use Replace to change all occurrences of DT_ with II_ where II are your initials.

4.  Compile all components. Compile the server module, followed by reusable parts:
II_DataEmployeeDocument and
and lastly, web page II_Employees.

     Make sure xDemoWebMessageBar is also compiled.