Step 2. Define Default Cross Reference Settings

1.  Open the Default Cross Reference Settings dialog from the View menu:

     Settings in the Default Cross Reference Options dialog are defined by selecting an object type and then defining the cross referencing required.

2.  Select Web Pages.

3.  Select the following:

a.  Automatically apply the default options.

b.  Components

c.  Cascade selection.

4.  Select Reusable Parts and set the same defaults as Web Pages. If you have completed earlier parts of this workshop, you will find that Reusable Parts already have defaults defined.

5.  Click OK to save your settings and close the dialog.

Note: Cross Reference settings only apply when an object is added to a package. In your web application a web page references reusable parts, reusable parts reference a server module and a server module references files. If you simply add the web page to the package, all referenced components will have the Cross Reference settings applied to the web page. Using the settings defined above for web pages, a server module, added by reference, would not include files or file data.