Step 7. Check and Build the Package

This step can be completed from the Package Maintenance window, or from the Deployment Tool main window, by first selecting the Application's Version 1 package and then using the toolbar buttons.

1.  Click theCheck toolbar button. No errors should be reported.

2.  Click the Build toolbar button. A progress bar will be displayed as the package is being built.

     If you have previously deployed a Windows application, you will notice that the package build is a longer process, due to the many objects involved in a web application.

3.  When the build is completed, the Package Build Log will be displayed.

     Filter the messages using the check box options in the toolbar.

     A Fatal message will always mean you need to correct a problem and rebuild the package.

     Warning messages should be reviewed, but may not require further action.

4.  Close the Package Maintenance window. Do not use the Save button at this stage. If the package definition is saved, it will need to be re-built.