Step 4. Installed Shortcuts

A number of administration programs are installed with shortcuts in a folder <company name>\<application description>. This can be found in the following path:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

1.  If you are using Windows 8.1, to see this menu you will need to click Hidden Items in Explorer, so that hidden folders are shown. You can then drill down to the installed shortcuts.

2.  The Communications Administrator maintains the routing entries for LANSA communications programs. For more details see Communications Setup documentation.

3.  The Web Administrator manages the LANSA Web system configuration and the LANSA Web Server Extension configuration. For details see the Web Administration documentation.

4.  In V14 SP2, shortcuts for the Server Licenses process and the X_CPU Utility will also be created.

a.  The X_CPU Utility can be found in this folder:
c:\Program Files (x86)\<company name>\<application description>\x_win95\execute

b.  The Server Licenses process can be run from a command prompt. Navigate to this path:
c:\Program Files (x86)\<company name>\<application description\x_win95\x_lansa\execute

c.  Execute the following command:
x_run proc=*licenses