Step 2. Create Patch 1

You have change the II_EmployeeEditor reusable part and compiled it with File Version = When the patch is built an MSI file is built based on the Version 1 package definition. This is compared with the original MSI file and changes are added to the MSP. The MSP will automatically include changed objects, based on their Product Version / File Version numbers.

If necessary, you could include other objects into Patch 1, which have not previously been deployed.

1.  In Visual LANSA, open the Deployment Tool from the Tools ribbon.

2.  Expand the application WEBAPP - Employee Web Application. Use the context menu on 1.0.0 - Version 1 to Create Patch. The Create as copy . . . dialog will open:

3.  Enter a suitable Description for Patch 1, as shown. Click OK to open the Package Maintenance dialog.

     You will find that most options are disabled:

4.  Click Save.

5.  You can now build the Patch 1 package, which will install the changed reusable part DT_EmployeeEditor.

     Note: You will find that building Patch 1 will take around 10+ minutes. Compared with deploying a Windows desktop application, there are many more individual objects to be deployed. Since a patch generation needs to compare all objects to be deployed with Version 1, this takes some time.