Step 3. Install Patch 1

In this step, you will follow essentially the same steps as when you installed Version 1 of the Employee Web Application.

1.  Open as Command Prompt using Run as Administrator. Navigate to the package folder, for example:
C:\\Program Files (x86)\LANSA\x_win95\x_lansa\X_apps\WEBAPP

2.  Enter the following command and press the Tab key, which will complete the MSP file name:
Msiexec /update WEB

     The full command is:
Msiexec /update WEBAPP_v1.0.0.1_en-us.msp

3.  Press Enter to begin the update.

4.  There are fewer dialogs displayed during an update, compared with an install (Version 1 in this case).

5.  Click Next to start the update.

6.  There are no database changes in Patch 1, but the package settings display this dialog.

     Note: Database changes should always be handled by creating a new version of the application. A Patch should not include database changes.

7.  Click Next to continue.

     The Ready to Update dialog will be shown:

8.  Click Update to begin the update.

     Note: The update will stop the LANSA Listener, but this will delay the update. Stop the Listener using Windows Administrative Tools / Services. Stop web jobs using Task Manager. On the Details tab look for jobs named w3…..

9.  The application update will be processed, displaying a progress bar:

10. When complete this panel is displayed:

11. Click Finish and the licensing process will be displayed.

12. Close the Server Licenses dialog.