Ensure you include appropriate license information for LANSA when you install your application.

LANSA for i

LANSA for i does not require a runtime license. You must have a license for the IBM i on which you do your development, but you do not need a license for the machine on which your application is executed.

LANSA with Web

To run LANSA-developed Web applications you require an appropriate LANSA for the Web Production license.

LANSA Integrator

To use LANSA Integrator you must have a valid key license installed.

LANSA for i Utilities

You do not require a LANSA license to use the LANSA for i Utilities.

How to Request a LANSA License

To request a LANSA license you need to supply the CPU number, model number and processor feature code of each IBM i where your application (and hence LANSA) is to be installed.

You will find licensing details on the LANSA website.