5.9 Save a Chart

By saving a chart, you can incorporate it into another application at a later stage.

To save the chart displayed in the chart window, choose either the Save or Save As commands from the File menu on the menu bar. The relevant Chart Save or Chart Save As dialog box appears.

The Chart Save/Save As dialog boxes are standard Windows dialog boxes where you specify the file name, the file type and the location for the file.

A chart can be saved either as a bitmap (BMP) or a metafile (WMF) formatted file.

Select the OK button or press the <Enter> key to save the chart.

To cancel the saving of the chart, select the Cancel button or press the <Esc> key.

Note: When you save a chart, you are saving the current chart with the headings and colors, etc. that you have selected. The options you have chosen with this chart are not saved as defaults to be used when the query is next run.