3.8 Select Date & Time Format

The DateTime format dialog, selected from the Options menu or via the toolbar icon, allows you to choose how to display your dates and times and the format in which you wish to save them in Excel, dBase, MS Access files.

To open the DateTime format dialog box, select the command Selecting Date Format for numeric field and date type for output files from the Options menu.


A list of the fields that you have selected that may be date or time fields. These fields have been recognized as dates and/or times by one of the following:

Date Format

From each field's drop down arrow, select the format in which each date is stored in the database. You must select the format defined for the original date. If you don't select the correct format, the display of the entry will not be correct. No validation is performed on the incoming data. If the data does not match the nominated format, incorrect results or conversion errors will occur.

Save as Type Date or Time in Excel
Save as Type Date or Time in dBase
Save as Type Date or Time in MS Access

If the item in Field is a Date, DateTime or Time, then insert a tick in the box for the relevant file format.

Press OK to save the options you have selected.