8.2.1 New

Use the New command to create a new query.

When you select this command, LANSA Client will open a new Query window. In the Files to Select From area of this new window will be a list of all the files that you are authorized to access from the host system to which you are connected.


Refer to LCE120 - Query a Single file in the Tutorial for details about Queries.


Refer to 8.4.9 Display Object Name, 8.4.10 Display Logical Files (Views), 8.4.11 Display Physical Files for variations that can be applied to the view you see in this window.

To access an existing query, use either the 8.2.2 Open or 8.2.3 Run commands.


You can have more than one query open at the same time. A different query can be constructed in each window.