4.10 Edit/Insert/Delete Facilities

LANSA Client provides an editing facility which is extremely cost effective because:

You can edit an existing row of data, insert a new row of data or delete a row of data from the Results window.

This editing facility can be put to many different uses. Some of these are:

Updating data on the host is very safe using LANSA Client's editing facility:

The editing facility cannot be used when:

Note: The Edit Row dialog will only allow you to edit up to 32767 characters per field. If a field is longer than 32767 characters, the entry box for the field will be set to read only.

Note: When you wish to, set SQLNULL value to an RDMLX field with an ASQN input attribute. You must type '*SQLNULL as the field value.

Further Information

4.10.1 Edit Data

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4.10.3 Delete Data