Step 2. Select a Host

LCE120 - Query a Single file

1.  Select a host from the list if prompted.

     For this exercise, select LANSA Client Tutorial (DEM) from the list, otherwise check with your administrator what the correct name for the host is.

2.  Click the OK button.

     Alternatively, you could simply double-click on a host from the list.

Tips & Techniques

About the LANSA Client Main Window

Start all LANSA Client functions, such as to create a query, run a query and so on, from the LANSA Client main window.

The LANSA Client main window, as with all other LANSA Client windows, has standard Windows facilities which include:

About the LANSA Client Alternate Window

If a connection cannot be established to the host, the LANSA Client alternate window is displayed. In this case, you will need to restart the signing on process, after you have investigated the reason for not connecting to the host.