Step 12. Sharing charts with other applications

LCE310 - Charting in your Query

To save your pie chart as a bitmap Salary Chart.BMP:

1.  Make sure the pie chart window has the focus or click your mouse on an area of it.

2.  From the toolbar select the File menu and choose the Save As from the list.

3.  From the Chart Save As dialog box, give the File name: Salary Chart and choose Save as type: Bitmap{*.BMP}

4.  Press the Save button.

5.  To copy one of the other charts to clipboard:

a.  Make sure one of the other chart windows has the focus or click your mouse on an area of it.

b.  From the toolbar select the Edit menu and choose the Copy command, or use this command's accelerator keys (Ctrl + C)

6.  Use both saved charts in another application.

a.  Start the application i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

b.  Insert the chart currently in the windows clipboard:

c.  From the Microsoft toolbar select the Home menu and choose the Paste command.

d.  Use Paste Special when pasting from the clipboard.

7.  To insert Salary Chart.BMP:

a.  From the Microsoft toolbar select the Insert menu and choose the Picture option.

b.  Then locate and insert the image file.