Step 4. Add Commands to the new Queries Menu

LCE430 - Build & Execute a Generated Application

1.  To create a new command, highlight the menu item immediately below your new Employees menu item and click the Add button. A new entry will be added above the menu item you highlighted.

2.  Give the entry a name, by typing Drill down by Department in the Menu Text box.

3.  Drill down by Department is to be a subcommand of the Employees menu, so you need to indent it beneath the Employees menu in the list.

a.  To do this, keep the Drill down by Department entry selected and then click the right arrow button, once. This indents the Drill down by Department entry to the right by one position.

b.  While Drill down by Department is highlighted, select Drill down by Department.LCQ from the Query To Execute list.

You now have a subcommand in the Employees menu. This command is called Drill down by Department. When you select this command, it will execute the Drill down by Department query.