Step 1. Configure LANSA Client

The LANSA Client Administrator dialog box is displayed when you start the Administrator.

The LANSA Client Administrator dialog box shows you the hosts to which you could be connected and allows you to specify the options you would prefer to use in your LANSA Client environment.

The options you select in this exercise apply to LANSA Client in general, rather than when you are connected to a particular host. For further details of these options, refer to the Administrator Tasks in the LANSA Client Administrator Guide.

1.  Choose these options for these exercises:


Setting for these exercises

Application Generation Support

Tick this box. A tick authorizes you to generate applications.

Saving results: Field Name, Field Label or Field Description

Select the Field Description.

Default Join Type

Select Matched Records.

2.  If the host you need to use isn't in the Configured Host list, press the Add Host button to specify the host details as described in Step 2. Select a Host.

3.  Press the Language button to select the language in which you wish to run LANSA Client. The default is English.

4.  Press the Query Location button to specify the location of the query, if it is different to the default (C:\Program Files (x86)\LANSA Client V14).

5.  You will not use the DateTime Result options during these exercises, so the defaults may remain unchanged.

6.  Press the Save button. The options you have defined are written to the LANSA Client configuration file, LC32.LCX.


Note: Before you can use a new or changed LANSA Client environment, you must close and start LANSA Client again.

     If the Administrator, as described in this section, is not running on the same PC as will be used for the tutorials, you will need to take a copy of the LC32.LCX file and add it to the LANSA Client directory on the PC to be used.

     Anyone wishing to access the tutorial, can do so with a copy of this LC32.LCX file.